1. Cetin, Sebahat Yaprak PhD, PT
  2. Calik, Bilge Basakci PhD, PT


Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the occupational performance of the elderly individuals living at home and to investigate the relationship between this performance and the frequency of fall and pain.


Methods: A total of 120 elderly individuals with a mean age of 71.86 +/- 5.69 years were included in the study. The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure was used to determine occupational performance. The frequency of falls has been recorded as none, 1, and more than 1 over the last 1 year. Visual analog scale (resting-activity) was used to evaluate the pain.


Results: There was a moderately significant relationship between the performance and satisfaction scores of the elderly individuals and VAS values and the frequency of fall (P < .05).


Conclusion: According to the results of our study, it is thought that the participation of the elderly individuals will be increased by relieving the pain in the home-based rehabilitation program to be prepared for the elderly individuals and reducing or preventing the falls.