1. Sebastiao, Emerson PhD
  2. Pak, Joshua MSEd
  3. Fuerniss, Karisa MSEd
  4. Siqueira, Vitor Antonio Assis Alves BEd
  5. Benner, David Jr MS
  6. Gurjao, Andre Luiz Demantova PhD


There is growing interest of researchers in physical performance tests such as walking speed (WS) in the older adult population. This study examined the association between lower extremity functional strength (LEFS) and WS, accounting for potential confounders, and the extent to which LEFS significantly predicts WS in 72 older adults living in a senior housing facility. Participants completed LEFS and WS measures. We observed strong associations between LEFS and WS, and a significant regression equation was found with LEFS and height emerging as significant predictors of WS. This suggests that an equation using LEFS and height could be used as a surrogate to predict WS in this age group.