1. Callicutt, Dale PhD, RN-BC, NPD-BC, CCRN-K
  2. Walker, Mandi DNP, RN, CCRN-K, NPD-BC, NEA-BC

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As a professional in nursing, involvement in a professional organization is beneficial to the individual, as well as to the organization served. There is a sense of connection, solidarity, and strength that comes from participating with a professional organization (American Nurses Association, 2015; Maloney, 2016; Segal & Robinson, 2019). Volunteerism allows a person to be connected with others, promotes peace of mind and body, possibly assists with career advancement, and brings fulfillment to your life (Segal & Robinson, 2019). At the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD), there are several opportunities where members can become involved or make themselves marketable.

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Navigating throughout the ANPD website allows a person to see the many opportunities ANPD offers to its members while also allowing each member to become connected with others throughout the country. On the ANPD website, members can review current articles, continue their professional growth and development through webinars or computer-based learning, or participate in discussion forums. In discussion forums, an ANPD member can contribute to questions posed or addressed from other ANPD colleagues. All these opportunities provide ANPD members networking capabilities throughout the world. These opportunities include participating in ANPD committees or task forces; running for a position on the Board of Directors; submitting articles for Trendlines, NPD News, or Journal for Nurses in Professional Development; participating or being an officer for local affiliates; joining in ANPD webinars; becoming certified; or following ANPD on social media. No matter the level of interest, there is an opportunity available!


When looking to get involved, many focus on the big ticket items like board membership or officer positions. These are excellent goals, and the ANPD wants to help get you there. The ANPD published an infographic, "Pathway to Leadership in ANPD," which outlines how a nursing professional development (NPD) practitioner can take intentional steps to meeting their professional goals (see Supplemental Digital Content 1,


Step 1 is membership, and judging by the fact you are reading this, you are probably already there! But do not stop at membership at the national level. Look into local affiliates and the opportunities afforded from collaborating with NPD practitioners in your local area. Leadership opportunities abound at the affiliate level and are an excellent step toward the national stage. The next step is establishing yourself as an expert in NPD, expanding your horizons by presenting and publishing at the local, regional, and national levels. This can also include mentoring new NPD practitioners into the role. Also, do not forget participating in the ANPD Evidence-Based Practice and Leadership Academies. These are all excellent opportunities to expand your network of NPD practitioners to the national stage.


Finally, there are many opportunities to get involved in ANPD at a national level. There are standing committees on which members can serve a 2-year term, with further options to step into a committee leadership role. Similar to committee membership is participation on a task force, such as the Diversity Task Force. Task forces differ from committees in that they are task-focused and time-limited; once the task is complete, the group disbands. To learn more about our committees and task forces, visit the ANPD website.


Finally, ANPD members are encouraged to work toward board membership and officer positions within the ANPD. The board consists of five directors, a treasurer, and president, with each position serving a 2-year term. Service on the board is the ultimate commitment to personal growth and development, as well as an excellent way to network with other driven NPD practitioners. The board is the working body that provides the direction for ANPD, its membership and committees, and promotes the specialty of NPD.


Whether being involved in a local affiliate or serving on a national committee, ANPD welcomes all people to participate. There are multiple opportunities for volunteers throughout the year. The main requirement involves your time and commitment to excellence. No matter their expertise level, interests, or talents, all ANPD members can make a difference.




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