1. Prior, Michele MSN, MEd, RN
  2. Delac, Kathy MSN, RN, CNS
  3. Laux, Lori MSN, CRNP, RN-BC
  4. Melone, Debbie MSN, CCNS, RNFA


COVID-19 created an environment that required rapid implementation of procedures and processes to minimize transmission. This led to an urgent response from the Department of Professional Practice and Education to implement education to a large number of personnel. This article describes strategies and methods employed to meet the training demands at a time when resources and supplies were limited. This study aims at developing and implementing education on infection prevention and management of patients with suspected or known COVID-19 for the nursing staff providing care. Following guidelines from the hospital's COVID-19 oversight committee, the Department of Professional Practice and Education rapidly initiated education on several key topics. This was accomplished by teamwork within the department to quickly identify priorities and suspend noncritical programs. Multiple training methods were deployed while a smaller group of educators developed additional training. Sixty to seventy percent of 1015 staff were trained within 6 days. Soon after, several additional educational topics were identified and training was concluded over a 3-week period. Training can be provided on an urgent basis with the use of multiple educational methods, suspension of noncritical programs, and teamwork. A smaller committee within the department allows for concentrated efforts in the design of additional training.