1. Wharton, Mary Kristina PhD
  2. Shi, Lizheng PhD
  3. Eragoda, Shalini MPH
  4. Monnette, Alisha M. PhD
  5. Nauman, Elizabeth PhD
  6. Price-Haywood, Eboni G. MD
  7. Hu, Gang MD, PhD
  8. Bazzano, Alessandra N. PhD


Chronic diseases impact 117 million adults in the United States and account for $3.3 trillion in health care spending. This qualitative study investigated experiences with reimbursement structure for non-face-to-face (NFF) chronic care management (CCM) through diverse health system approaches in primary care settings in Southeastern Louisiana. In-depth interviews were conducted with 16 purposively selected key informants, and reflexive thematic analysis was utilized to explore findings. Variation in health system approaches for implementing and quality of NFF CCM programs were identified. Results included differences in health system motivation and methods for financial structuring and quality of third-party vendor and alternative models.