Academic dishonesty, faculty, nursing students, professional integrity



  1. Pittman, Oralea A. DNP (Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing)


ABSTRACT: Academic dishonesty occurs among nursing students at multiple levels of professional education programs. Studies have shown that students who commit dishonest acts in the educational setting may also commit dishonest acts as students in the clinical setting and as professionals in their practice setting. This lack of professional integrity may result in poor outcomes for patients as well as loss of trust from patients and from colleagues. Although multiple studies done among prelicensure nursing students explored academic dishonesty, there are few studies of academic integrity among nurse practitioner (NP) students. As advanced practice nurses, we need to understand the issues of academic dishonesty among NP students through further research. As faculty, we must act to prevent academic dishonesty and unethical behavior and to provide appropriate consequences when it occurs. It is also important that we consider ways to socialize students into ethical behavior to maintain trust in the profession. It is important that we respond to both students and colleagues who demonstrate a lack of integrity. All NPs must work to create a culture of professional integrity among students and members of the profession at every level.