1. Ceccon, Fernando G. MSc
  2. Guadagnin, Eliane C. PhD
  3. da Rocha, Emmanuel S. MSc
  4. Priario, Liver A. A. MSc
  5. Kunzler, Marcos R. MSc
  6. Carpes, Felipe P. PhD


Objective: To verify whether Timed Up & Go (TUG) performance correlates with foot clearances in different conditions of obstacle crossing.


Methods: Thirty older women were assigned to a group with or without risk of falls classified by TUG. Three-dimensional kinematics of walking with obstacles was recorded.


Results: For those without risk, TUG did not correlate with foot clearances. Among those with risk of falls, a moderate inverse correlation was found between TUG and heel clearance.


Conclusion: Timed Up & Go did not differentiate older women with or without risk of falls regarding foot clearances during obstacle crossing.