COVID-19, pediatric palliative care, telemedicine



  1. Bettini, Elizabeth A. PhD, APRN, PCNS-BC


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused health care facilities to restrict visitors for patients in all care settings. Most pediatric care facilities have restricted visitation to one parent at a time, unfortunately even if the child is in critical condition or is terminally ill. These situations have necessitated the use of technology such as the Zoom platform to have difficult conversations concerning complex medical decision-making and goals of care. In cases where the child is deemed at immediate end of life, many facilities will allow both parents to be at the bedside, but no other family or friends that may be integral support to the parents or child. These situations have compelled the use of FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype technology to facilitate real-time support at end of life for these young patients and their caregivers. This article presents a case where technologies such as these were utilized to assist a family in goals-of-care discussions and at end of life for an infant in the intensive care unit at a large urban pediatric care facility during the COVID-19 pandemic.