health care, restructuring, unit performance



  1. Burke, Ronald J.


Hospital restructuring and downsizing have taken place in most developed countries during the past 10 years. A small but growing body of research findings has identified aspects of these changes that serve as sources of stress for nursing staff during these transitions as well as organizational initiatives that facilitate those transitions. This study reports results from a longitudinal study of hospital restructuring and downsizing on nursing staff perceptions of hospital functioning. Data were collected in November 1996 and again in November 1999 from hospital-based nursing staff using questionnaires. The findings showed moderate but statistically significant relationships between restructuring stressors and organizational support in 1996 and perceptions of hospital functioning in 1999. Nursing staff reporting higher levels of restructuring stressors and lower hospital support in 1996 indicated more negative perceptions of unit and hospital functioning in 1999.