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Advanced practitioners, nephrology, NKF/CAP, nurse practitioners, physician assistants



  1. Davis, Jane CRNP, DNP (Nephrology NP)


Background: Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) have expanded roles in nephrology as both the patient load and acuity of care needed for this population have increased.


Purpose: To evaluate workforce patterns of PAs and NPs working in nephrology over the past decade.


Methods: Using the biannual survey from the National Kidney Foundation Council of Advanced Practitioners, data were collected and analyzed over the past decade.


Results: Surveys of nephrology practitioners show the evolution of the dialysis-centralized practitioner to one encompassing all aspects of nephrology: hospital, intensive care unit, research, office, and all types of dialysis. Salaries and benefits have increased to compensate for the expansion of responsibilities.


Implications for practice: Physician assistants and NPs in nephrology have the opportunity to use their skills and training in caring for this high-risk population.