1. Garza, Jose Abelardo DHA, MBA
  2. Taliaferro, Donna PhD, RN, COI


Understanding the experiences of home healthcare nurses and exploring the factors that influence job satisfaction is important in reducing costly staff turnover. The purpose of the qualitative case study was to describe experiences related to job satisfaction among home healthcare nurses. Herzberg's Two Factor theory was used to frame the study. Twelve home healthcare nurses from an agency in South Texas volunteered to participate in in-depth interviews. Four themes emerged from the data: 1) patients contribute to job satisfaction, 2) autonomy promotes job satisfaction, 3) occupational stressors negatively influenced job satisfaction, and 4) leadership impacts job satisfaction. Home healthcare leadership should take safety concerns seriously and explore innovative ways to promote communication between field nurses and physicians. Further research is needed with a larger and more diverse sample of home healthcare nurses in order to be able to generalize findings.