acute care, hospital, falls, fall assessment, fall risk screener



  1. Yauk, Sheryl PhD, RN, CNS
  2. Hopkins, Barbara A. PhD, RN, CNAA
  3. Phillips, Charles D. PhD, MPH
  4. Terrell, Sandra MS, RN
  5. Bennion, Joyce MSN, RN, CPHQ
  6. Riggs, Mark PhD


Falling is the most common hospital accident, and up to 15% of fallers sustain a serious injury. This study focused on developing a simple, practical fall risk screener using routine admission and daily in-hospital stay data. A case-control design was used. Logistic regression identified individual characteristics associated with an increased risk of a fall. Four variables were identified: history of falls, ambulation assistance, disoriented, and bowel control problems, creating a fall risk model with 70% sensitivity and 57% specificity.