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  1. Bae, Grace BSN, RN
  2. Lim, Fidelindo DNP, CCRN


Sleep is a basic human need that is required for good health and overall well-being. Adequate sleep is critical for cognitive functioning, memory consolidation, and emotional regulation by rejuvenating the body. Sleep may not be of significant concern unless it becomes lacking or disturbed as it alters the immune function, neurological processes, and intellectual and decision making of individuals. Hospitalized older adults are particularly vulnerable for the negative impact of poor sleep due to reduced physiological reserve and comorbidities. The purpose of this review is to appraise current evidence on nonpharmacological sleep interventions to promote better sleep quality and overall health outcomes among the general adult and older patients in the intensive care unit compared with no intervention at all. The findings of this integrative review will be useful in designing and implementing interdisciplinary plans of care that promote the use of nonpharmacological sleep protocols within the hospital setting.