1. Mahfoodh, Mawadah Ali Bin BSN
  2. Alamoudi, Manar Ahmed BSN
  3. Aljedaani, Mariam Suwad BSN
  4. Alghamdi, Walaa Saeed BSN
  5. Babkair, Lisa A. PhD, RN


Family members of critically ill patients experience significant psychosocial changes during and after exposure to the critical care environment. During the critical care period, providers focus on the patient's critical condition and pay little attention to the family's needs, so they required special care. A cross-sectional design was used to collect data by using an online survey that includes sociodemographic questionnaire and Critical Care Family Needs Inventory. A total of 177 family members participated. Results indicated that the most important psychosocial need was assurance followed by information, comfort, and support. Nurses should identify these needs and help family members cope with the psychosocial aspects of care. Future research should focus on how these needs evolve over time as well as the effectiveness of related coping mechanisms.