1. Uy, Cyra Kirsten BSN, RN-BC

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I compliment Christian Karl Antonio on implementing a well-thought-out and successful quality improvement project that improved patients' overall sleep quality and the hospital's HCAHPS quiet-at-night score ("Improving Quiet at Night on a Telemetry Unit: Introducing a Holistic Sleep Menu Intervention," Cultivating Quality, October 2020). I was especially intrigued by the disparity between the patients' and nurses' views on the most significant causes of sleep disturbance.


On the medical-surgical telemetry unit at the hospital where I work, there have recently been multiple complaints from patients regarding sleepless nights owing to various factors on the unit. In response, we have been more proactive in adjusting vital signs assessments to once every shift or omitting overnight assessments as long as patients are stable. We are interested in trialing the intervention described in this article.


Cyra Kirsten Uy, BSN, RN-BC


Lancaster, PA