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Committing to a healthy work environment during work-from-home orders in response to COVID-19 in April 2020 inspired one clinical nurse leader to implement a wellness/resiliency program for school of nursing (SON) employees. Sedentary behavior is on the rise and has deleterious effects on cardiovascular and metabolic systems. In addition, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by extended periods of work performed at computer workstations can develop. Physiotherapists recommend using active breaks as preventive initiatives for a reduction in sedentary behaviors. These breaks from repetitive movements, sustained awkward postures, and workstation design features demonstrate reduced work-related MSDs, reduced work-related stress, and an increase in work productivity. The Gimme A Break program was a 4-week virtual activity and exercise program planned and facilitated by an exercise physiologist and an athletic trainer associated with the University's Rehabilitation Services Department. Each weekly 30-minute session was livestreamed and available to all SON employees. Exercises included low-impact, low-intensity activities focusing on key areas of the body affected by sedentary work. Week 1: neck and posture; week 2: shoulders and upper back; week 3: lower back; and week 4: core strengthening. Of the 102 SON employees invited to participate in the Gimme A Break initiative, 37.2% (N = 38) attended at least one of the scheduled sessions, with 14% attending 2 or more.