1. Mert, Selda PhD
  2. Kersu, Ozlem MSc
  3. Aydin Sayilan, Aylin PhD
  4. Baydemir, Canan PhD
  5. Ilter, Gonca MSc


Background: The evaluation of the quality of nursing care by patients and nurses is important for improving care.


Purpose: The aim was to determine patients' and nurses' perceptions of the quality of nursing care in surgical clinics and influencing factors.


Methods: The sample of this cross-sectional, descriptive, and comparative study consisted of 503 surgical patients and 308 surgical nurses. The data were collected between February 2018 and June 2019.


Results: Characteristics of patients such as age, gender, complications, and nursing care scores, and the characteristics of the nurses such as being satisfied with the current clinic, their work experience in the clinic, and the number of daily surgical interventions affected the perceptions of care quality.


Conclusions: The study revealed that the patients' perceptions of the quality of care were lower than those of nurses, and some factors belonging to the patients and nurses negatively influenced the quality of care.