1. Masson, Veneta MA, RN

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Denim shirts with the company logo


Swiss Army-type knives with fourteen blades


Carnations in dollar-shop vases


One wilted rose


Soap on a rope


I think I'm worth more than this


A live band at the Holiday Inn


A potato bar luncheon


If you weren't there, you got nada




Not a thing


A PA announcement thanking the nurses


We dug out our caps & wore them all day our VP of Nursing came to the unit and stayed for an hour we sat with her & shared our stories of why we went into nursing


We got pizza one day (if you were there) and ice cream one day (if you were there)


Rolos, Skittles and M&Ms-give me the tools to do my job instead of tote bags and candy


A drawing for some pretty cool prizes-movies, massages, a month off call


A bonus


We got to work overtime!!


I presented my findings to the Executive Team and found out Tuesday that they had approved another nurse . . . the best thing I could have gotten


One of my patients agreed to an interview with a local paper and our story made the front page


My Mom is proud that I'm a nurse, so I got a Hallmark from her


Smiles, hugs, great gifts that cost no money


They did away with the corny shoelaces, thank god


Overall it's kinda nice


I was thinking about all nurses out there this week


I appreciate all of you.