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  1. Sisk, Bryan W. DNP, MPH, RN, NE-BC, CENP
  2. Mosier, Sammie S. DHA, MBA, BSN, NE-BC, CMSRN
  3. Williams, Marjory D. PhD, RN, NEA-BC
  4. Coppin, John D. MPH
  5. Robinson, Denise PhD, RN, APRN


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to measure structural empowerment (SE) and capture short-term changes in perception for senior nurse leaders before and after a formal development experience.


BACKGROUND: The body of literature related to SE in senior nurse leaders is limited. Applying the SE concept to senior levels of nursing leadership provides a vehicle to impact nurse leader retention and ultimately the organization beyond singular units.


METHODS: The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) was designed in collaboration with the American Nurses Association to support personal and professional development for senior nurse leaders. The sample included 28 participants from the United States and the United Kingdom over a 6-month period.


RESULTS: The effect of the intervention was seen in the postintervention survey rating SE higher in 5 of 7 domains as compared with the preintervention survey, reduction in overall turnover, and improvements in patient experience scores. Additionally, the participants evaluated the program in top categories, and comments were highly positive around peer support, improved working relationships, and expectations.


CONCLUSION: The ALP has shown promise in strengthening SE for senior nurse leaders by supporting leadership skill development, follow-up training, and peer network development.