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Accelerated Nursing Program, Educational Environment, Military Veteran Students, Nursing Education, Veterans



  1. Wiersma, Gretchen
  2. Cox, Catherine Wilson
  3. McNelis, Angela M.
  4. Schumann, Mary Jean
  5. Maring, Joyce


Abstract: Student veterans enrolled in nursing programs often experience challenges transitioning to higher education environments. This study investigated faculty perspectives regarding the strengths and challenges of student veterans in an accelerated bachelor's of science in nursing program; faculty (N = 21) participated in focus groups. Four themes emerged: No Man Left Behind, Acclimating to the Higher Education Environment, Not Wanting to Be Different, and Professionalism/Maturity. Faculty perceived student veterans possess strengths and approaches to learning different from students without a military background. Integrating these strengths into the curriculum, with strategies such as team-based learning and group assignments, will leverage their skills and facilitate academic success.