1. Srithumsuk, Werayuth PhD
  2. Prachusilpa, Gunyadar PhD
  3. Thummapol, Onouma PhD
  4. Kasemsuk, Weha EdD


Nurses are the primary health professionals who provide home healthcare (HHC) for older people. Measurements of nursing outcomes and quality of care are needed to ensure that older people receive quality nursing care. The objective of this study was to identify HHC nursing outcomes and quality indicators for older people in Thailand. The participants included 22 experts and professional caregivers of older adult HHC patients (i.e., geriatric and HHC policy makers, family physicians, nursing faculty, advanced practice nurses, and registered nurses). The Delphi technique was deployed. Final medians and interquartile ranges were calculated. Five components with 47 nursing outcomes and quality indicators for older people in Thailand were developed, including: 1) functional health and physiological status (13 indicators); 2) perception and behavior in health (6 indicators); 3) psychosocial response needs (8 indicators); 4) caregiver and family (16 indicators); and 5) satisfaction of older people, caregivers, and family (4 indicators). The findings demonstrate a need for further research to test the feasibility of the established criteria, including tests of content validity, construct validity, and instrument reliability. The outcome from the established indicators requires a high consistency. The analysis of the correlation between indicators scores obtained by the trial of indicators implementation can strengthen the validity of the indicators.