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  1. Gies, Cheryl E. DNP, MSN, APRN, CNP
  2. Pierce, Linda L. PhD, MSN, RN, CRRN, FAAN


Family caregivers provide long-term, complex care in home settings where most persons with dementia (PWD) live. These men/women caregivers differ in responses and approaches to caring problems. Following our review of the research literature and needs assessment from caregivers of PWD (group 1), a comparison revealed key caregiver gender differences in caring problems and approaches. We developed and implemented a Web-based Educational Modules (WBEMs) project focused on gender-based differences to offer unique support for men/women caregivers who face these problems. Other caregiver evaluators (group 2) agreed the WBEMs were well designed with clear, credible, informative content. Evaluators' suggestions for larger font size and navigation directions were incorporated in module improvements. Six modules were eventually placed on an established university-sponsored caregivers' website. WBEMs have potential to reestablish well-being for caregivers of PWD. Home healthcare nurses and other healthcare providers can use, adapt, or create additional modules to meet the needs of and support for caregivers and patients living in community settings.