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To assist healthcare facilities in complying with HIPAA-mandated patient record privacy regulations, Carstens, Inc., introduces a new Mobile Caddy with Locking Doors. The storage unit's "flipper-style" doors drop smoothly into place to prevent exposing patient information contained on ring-binder chart holder spines and may also be locked to provide additional record privacy and security. Carstens' Mobile Caddy with Locking Doors is available in a two-or three-shelf configuration. Adjustable dividers accommodate side-by-side storage of both side-and top-opening ring binders in a range of sizes. The unit's steel construction ensures durability and stability and its premium-grade, maintenance-free, dual ball-bearing casters provide smooth, quiet mobility; two of the casters are lockable to prevent unwanted motion.


For more information, contact Carstens, Inc., at 800-782-1524 or

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Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., announces the release of the Sentinel Sound Detector Substation for the Spectrum 430/460 Intercom System. Calls from the Sentinel station to the master station are placed upon recognition of a qualified audio event, such as a scream, a yell for help, or other distress call, or by pressing the call button. The tamper-proof speaker and call button, combined with heavy-gauge, stainless-steel construction, make this station ideal for use in parking garages, correctional facilities, and other areas where the station may be subject to physical abuse. Programmable attributes such as sensitivity range, frequency range, sound event qualification and call window times, extended sound reject and ambient adjust times, and the number of detected sound events work together to help eliminate the placement of erroneous calls by noises such as car horns or sirens. The Sentinel station also ensures the recognition of screams or other distress signals and places calls accordingly.


For more information, contact Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., at 773-275-1900 or

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SDA Product, Inc., offers Less-N-Pain, an affordable topical anesthetic (4% lidocaine) supplied in a box of 12 3-ml packets. Each packet is ideal for one application. When applied to the skin's surface, Less-N-Pain will temporarily reduce pain caused by an impending needle stick. It's perfect for blood draws, injections, I.V. insertions, line-port access, and any other procedure requiring injection, infusion, or minor surgery.


For more information, contact SDA Product, Inc. at 305-949-9580 or

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Terumo Medical Corporation announces the availability of four new sizes of SurGuard2 needles: 25 gauge x 11/2 inches, 26 gauge x 1/2 inch, 27 gauge x 1/2 inch, and a 30 gauge x 1/2 inch. SurGuard2 safety needles and syringes come in 18 sizes of needles and 18 sizes of syringes. SurGuard2 has unique features to help healthcare facilities adjust easily to safety devices and comply with the latest OSHA regulations, including one-handed activation for ease of use and bevel alignment with the safety sheath, which is especially helpful for TB and other low-angle injections.


For more information, contact Terumo Medical Corporation at 800-283-7866, ext. 4919, or

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The General Data Company offers StainerShield, a patent-pending bar-code identification system designed for prestainer labeling of tissue and specimen slides. StainerShield allows lab technicians to print patient-specific bar-coded labels on demand and apply them to the slides before specimens are exposed to harsh chemicals, solvents, and stains. StainerShield labels also enable labs to fully utilize bar-code technology to improve the tracking process of slides. Further, they aim to eliminate potential lab errors that can affect patient safety and patient care. StainerShield labels are printed on demand using a standard direct thermal printer. They are then applied to slides while specimens are produced at the cutting station.


For more information, contact the General Data Company at 513-752-7978 or

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