1. Paquette, Cindy

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I read with great interest the article entitled, "'Making It': Qualities Needed for Rural Home Care Nursing" (February 2005). I'm very much in agreement with all that the author wrote about her research.


As a human resource professional working directly in a rural home care agency, I can appreciate all that has been written and researched for the article. I would be very interested in sharing with the author the success of our RHCNs, the success we have as an agency in retaining the nurses we do have, and the nurses' abilities to work so successfully in a rural county in Vermont.


Yes, we have the aging work-force, and yes, we have difficulty in recruiting new nurses. We are not alone in being frustrated with recruitment. What we do have is wonderful retention and wonderful nurses who do meet the six qualities as an RHCN.


Cindy Paquette