1. Akama-Garren, Elliot H. MSc
  2. Shah, Shivani A. BA
  3. Zinzuwadia, Aniket N. BA
  4. Bartuska, Andrew BA
  5. Hashimoto, Mie MPH
  6. Chu, Jacqueline T. MD
  7. Kruse, Gina R. MD, MPH
  8. Cohen, Marya J. MD, MPH


In response to the coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, we developed and launched a student-led telemedicine program in Chelsea. From April to November 2020, over 200 student volunteers contacted over 1000 patients to assess COVID-19 symptoms, provide counseling, and triage patients. Through a retrospective cohort study, we determined that student triage decision was associated with patient outcomes, including hospitalization status, COVID-19 test administration, and COVID-19 test result. These results quantify the outcomes of a student-led telemedicine clinic to combat the ongoing pandemic and may serve as a model for implementation of similar clinics to alleviate mounting health care system burden.