1. Wheeler, Jana DNP, PPCNP-BC, CHSE, CNE
  2. Dudas, Kimberly PhD, RN-BC, CNE

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In today's social media influencer culture, being on-brand is a must.1 As we receive digital natives into our nursing programs, it is important to keep our simulation laboratories relevant. One consideration is to create a brand for your simulation laboratory. This not only helps with realism in simulation, but it also enhances the fictional contract.2 When students in our nursing program were polled, they indicated that branding efforts made them feel more connected to the simulation laboratory. When students feel connected, they may retain knowledge better. Some ways to brand your simulation laboratory include using the simulation laboratory branding on white boards, hospital gowns, scrubs and masks for manikins, and laboratory coats that the faculty wear. The logo can be put on medication carts, electronic medical records, and paper documentation as well. At University of South Carolina Beaufort, Sand Shark Hospital is the name of the simulation laboratory in the BSN program. The Sand Shark is the mascot of this coastally located university. The concept of Sand Shark Hospital was created out of a rebranding of the logo that the university did as a whole and then adapted for the simulation laboratory. The logo can be created with embroidery machines or various software packages (Supplemental Digital Content,, Figures 1 and 2,




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