1. McGohan, LaDonna D. MS, RN
  2. Twedell, Diane M. MS, RN,BC
  3. Fahje, Carol J. MS, RN,BC
  4. Sanchez, Anna L.R. MSN, RN,BC
  5. Bohn, Lisa C. MSN, RN
  6. Carr, Christy J. MSN, RN, CS


Mayo Clinic Rochester Hospitals have experienced significant growth in the number of patients requiring the specialized nursing care offered in intermediate care areas (ICAs). To ensure quality nursing care for ICA level patients, a standardized educational program was developed. The Mayo Intermediate Care Area Nurse Internship Program was a tuition-free education program that provided additional knowledge, insights, and skills needed to develop a highly competent ICA nurse. This article will describe how the concept of an ICA nurse internship program was taken from birth of an idea to fruition.