1. Valente, Sharon M. PhD, RN, CS, FAAN


Research-based fact sheets are simple, clear, and concise one-page reviews of a topic (e.g., culture and ethnicity, homelessness) with tips to improve culturally competent care. Using research helps nurses achieve promotion, advance careers, and enhance patient care. The background, literature, purpose, methods, and evaluation of fact sheets are reported. In a survey, 142 nurses reported that the fact sheets about general topics (end of life, depression, heart failure, smoking cessation, ethnicity, homelessness, hypertension, conflict management, medication safety, and pressure ulcers) were 99% excellent in efficiency, usefulness in practice, effectiveness, and importance in improving practice. Nurses (93.5%) said they improved the professional's knowledge. Fact sheets 8 and 9 (i.e., schizophrenia and advance directives) were rated as excellent by 88-97% of nurses. Nurses use fact sheets with an average of seven patients to improve education, assessment, intervention, and follow-up care.