1. Hess, Robert PhD, RN, FAAN

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I'm writing regarding the article, "Shared Governance and National Recognition Programs" by Marky Medeiros, MSN, RN, in the May 2021 issue. The article explores ways that shared governance can be used to achieve national recognition, mentioning the Pathway to Excellence(R) Program, the Magnet Recognition Program,(R) and the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. A fourth vehicle, not mentioned in the article, that can be used for national recognition is the Forum for Shared Governance's Accreditation in Shared Governance Program (


The Forum has been granting accreditation in shared governance to healthcare organizations, both nationally and internationally, for about 5 years now. Comparable to the Magnet and Pathway programs during their infancy, news of this accreditation has spread slowly through social media and other online communication, as well as an extensive, connected global advisory board.


The biggest requirement for accreditation is quantifiable demonstration of shared governance via a reliable, valid instrument, such as the Index of Professional Governance, that includes measurement of staff, manager, and executive perceptions within the organization. Free listing on the SG Hospitals webpage ( is mandatory, including a public webpage that attests to the presence of a shared governance program within the hospital and a contact person. Accreditation is for 4 years and free of charge, allowing the organization to use the Forum's accreditation logo.


Formal accreditation is a way of publicly recognizing organizations that have achieved measurable success in the implementation of shared governance. Moving from traditional to shared governance on the continuum of professional governance is difficult at best, and the Forum believes that shifting the paradigm should be extolled from the highest rafters.


-Robert Hess, PhD, RN, FAAN


Founder and CEO, Forum for Shared Governance