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Tapping the business-and art-of nursing leadership

Start your Congress2005 experience off the right way by registering for the preconference sessions. From teaching you how to transform your work environment to discussing ways to better engage your staff, our presenters come prepared to help you improve your management skill set.


"Spend a day filling your leadership toolbox essentials, such as how to practice encouraging leadership, build a strong team, practice constructive confrontation, evaluate your unit as a business, mentor future leaders, and renew your own passion for nursing," says Pamela Hunt, RN, MSN, about her session "The Art and Business of Leadership." "This presentation marries research and literature along with real-life examples and storytelling to lead you through a day of learning and practicing essential leadership skills."


Do you want to reinvigorate your medical-surgical unit? Attend "Transforming the work environment of medical-surgical nursing for future care delivery."


"This workshop will kick off with discussions surrounding the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 100,000 Lives Campaign and the role Ascension Health played in the campaign," says Ann Hendrich, RN, MS, FAAN. "It will also explore the current state of medical-surgical nursing, patient flow, and bottlenecks that create increased workload index for nursing, and will conclude with the identification of transformational concepts (technology and practice) for medical-surgical nursing."


In "The New Nurse Manager and the Three P's: People, Projects, Priorities," Shelley Cohen, RN, CEN, BS, will focus on three essential skills the new nurse manager needs to develop. "Meeting the challenges of managing people, departmental projects, and the prioritization of patient needs can be an overwhelming task for even the most seasoned manager," she says. Her presentation will show nurse managers how to rise to the occasion.


In "Onboarding for Life," a hands-on workshop, Wendy Edelson, RN, MA, will teach participants about effective strategies in selecting for success, enhancing recruitment, reducing turnover, and retaining and developing top talent.


The final preconference session is one of last year's most well-received forums. Sharon Cox, RN, MSN, CNAA, presents "Engaging and Retaining Staff: Beyond a Quick Fix." If you're tired of the "flavor of the month" or "toys and trinkets" approach to staff engagement, this program offers practical, user-friendly approaches to morale improvement with a more lasting impact.