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  1. Lofton, Caitlin M. MSN, RN, CEN
  2. Schmaldinst, Kristy E. MSN, RN-BC
  3. Cozort, Rachel W. PhD, MSN, RN, CNE


Infusion therapy is a challenging skill set, yet nursing students are expected to implement these skills in the practice environment with minimal hands-on experience. This study aimed to determine whether implementation of a supervised, focused infusion therapy clinical resulted in competence and increased confidence of undergraduate nursing students when performing infusion therapy, as well as to evaluate student perceptions of the best instructional method. The study took place in February 2020 after 5 weeks of comprehensive instruction. Participants reported increased confidence (P < .005) and competence (66%) in infusion therapy following the focused clinical experience. Findings suggest that a focused clinical can facilitate confidence and competence in nursing students related to infusion therapy.