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adaptive reminiscence, developmental tasks, lifestyle redesign, rehabilitation, social coherence, successful aging



  1. Stevens-Ratchford, Regena G. PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA


Developmental tasks and successful aging are examined for their significance and application in the motivation of older adults with serious illnesses and for disabilities. Developmental tasks and successful aging are related processes that can be used as motivation for solving the complex problems seen during rehabilitation. They are sources of natural motivation that harness incentives for the persistence needed to face adversities. Occupational engagement includes the developmental tasks that are important factors in promoting successful aging. Successful aging involves continued function and participation in physical, cognitive, and social activities as well as health management in concert with well-being. Guiding participation in developmental tasks that enhance aging well can be a motivational strategy for rehabilitation. Such occupational engagement fosters the natural motivation and persistence that in turn lead to the sense of coherence and self-efficacy that seniors need to reconstruct themselves and redesign and transform their lives after serious illness and disability.