1. Schrodt, Lori A. PhD, PT
  2. Sledge, Rachel A. BS
  3. Hergott, Colleen DPT, PT
  4. Rohrer, Beth DPT, PT
  5. Sidelinker, Jennifer DPT, PT
  6. Brach, Jennifer S. PhD, PT, FAPTA
  7. Vincenzo, Jennifer PhD, PT, MPH
  8. Shirley, Kathleen D. DPT, PT
  9. Shubert, Tiffany E. PhD, PT


Incorporating evidence-based community programs into clinical care recommendations and goals may help bridge the clinic-to-community transition for older adults. Engagement in evidence-based programs can help older adults manage chronic conditions and reduce fall risk through behavior change and self-management following a clinical episode of care. This article describes evidence-based fall prevention and physical activity programs, provides resources to locate programs, and strategies to match older adults to the right programs.