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  1. Vaughn, Jacqueline PhD, RN
  2. Shah, Nirmish MD
  3. Docherty, Sharron L. PhD, PNP, FAAN
  4. Yang, Qing PhD
  5. Shaw, Ryan J. PhD, RN


Children with life-threatening illness (C-LTI) experience considerable symptom distress. Mobile technology may offer opportunities to better obtain symptom data that will lead to better symptom management. A mixed-methods study was conducted to explore the feasibility of monitoring and visualizing symptoms using 2 mobile health devices in C-LTI. Participants engaged with the Apple Watch 56% and recorded in the study app 63% of their study days. Our findings showed feasibility of using mobile technology for monitoring symptoms and further explored opportunities to visualize these data showing symptom occurrences, patterns, and trajectories in C-LTI.