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  1. Rochin, Elizabeth PhD
  2. Reed, Kaitlin MHA, BS
  3. Rosa, Andrew MBA, BS
  4. Guida, Wendy BS
  5. Roach, John BA
  6. Boyle, Sandra BS
  7. Kohli, Nishi MS
  8. Webb, Ann


There is tremendous attention in maternal and neonatal disparities, particularly disparities of race and ethnicity and subsequent outcomes that continue despite calls to action. The literature has offered potential opportunities for exploring data related to racial and ethnic disparities, including the utilization of a race and ethnicity reporting dashboard. This article reviews definitions of perinatal quality and disparity and provides insight into the development of a nationally targeted race and ethnicity dashboard. This quarterly dashboard provides hospitals with specific key metric outcomes through the lens of race and ethnicity, provides a national benchmark for comparison, and creates a data platform for team exploration and comprehensive review of findings. An overview of the development of the dashboard is provided, and the selection of key maternal and neonatal metrics is reviewed. In addition, recommendations for data science strategic planning and nursing's role in metric development, analysis, and utilization are offered and key steps in accelerating disparity data into everyday clinical care are discussed.