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The year 2021 has been challenging in so many ways! However, as we have learned over the last year and a half, unexpected challenges sometimes create new opportunities and even improvements. The tumult of our life and times has not gone unnoticed by the editorial team and has manifested itself in all aspects of Advances in Skin & Wound Care's processes.


For example, we have reflected this year on our journal guidelines and procedures. Critically, the journal's mission statement has been updated to reflect our international, interprofessional authors and audience. We have reworked the journal's departments including Letters to the Editors, Practice Points, and Practice Reflections to better accommodate the types of submissions we are receiving. Further, we have standardized terminology such as "pressure injury (PI)," which is now the preferred verbiage except in the context of previously published works. We urge you to thoroughly review our new author guidelines for this and other changes, including updated guidance on blinding submissions.


These changes are reflective of the immense interest in publishing with Advances. If we were concerned that clinicians would not have time to write manuscripts during the pandemic, those concerns were unfounded. The first 6 months of 2021 brought a 12% increase in submissions over the first half of 2020-a record year in its own right-and three of our five busiest months of all time have been in 2021 so far!


This record number of submissions does continue to impact the peer-review process; accordingly, we are constantly striving to expand our reviewer base. Having a large group of reviewers to draw from enables us to gracefully honor those who must decline and requests for more time to review while balancing these requests with authors eagerly awaiting manuscript decisions. These peer reviewers help our journal achieve and maintain the high scientific quality you know and expect.


September 20 to 24, 2021, is the week that the world celebrates peer reviewers. The theme for this year is "Identity in Peer Review," which mirrors the health disparities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to uplift the Black Lives Matter movement and reconciliation efforts for indigenous populations worldwide. As stated on the Peer Review Week website, participating organizations should explore "[horizontal ellipsis]the multifaceted nature of identity, how personal and social identity affects peer-review practices and experiences, and what's needed to foster more diverse, equitable, and inclusive peer-review processes."1 So how can our team improve our approach to diversity issues?


The diverse fabric of modern society must be reflected in the wound care literature. As mentioned in a previous editorial, there has been a lack of literature on and published images of skin of color and COVID-19 skin eruptions. Almost all of the published literature features white skin, ignoring brown (Fitzpatrick class 5) and black (Fitzpatrick class 6) skin. We encourage and are actively soliciting publications including images reflecting the entire diversity of skin colors globally to improve practice.


Concomitantly, Advances has increased our pool of potential peer reviewers. We are proud of the diversity of our more than 250 peer reviewers, hailing from more than 15 different countries, as well as the different disciplines and specialty areas of practice they represent. We also strive to have representation from individuals in the beginning, middle, and advanced stages of their careers. Having a wide range of outlooks contributes to the multidimensional and interprofessional perspectives with which we examine each manuscript, enhancing international conversation and providing a mechanism to share potential clinical strategies that could work well for clinicians the world over.


Although you may not know the names of the hundreds of peer reviewers in our database, you, our reader, do see the end result of their volunteer efforts that cumulate in accepted manuscripts for Advances in Skin & Wound Care; we all benefit from the evidence base they support. On behalf of the entire editorial team, we say a huge thank-you to all of our peer reviewers and authors, and Editorial Advisory Board and Peer-Review Panel. We salute you, our publication heroes.


Elizabeth A. Ayello, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CWON, ETN, MAPWCA, FAAN


R. Gary Sibbald, MD, DSc (Hons), MEd, BSc, FRCPC (Med Derm), FAAD, MAPWCA, JM




1. Peer Review Week 2021 News. Last accessed July 9, 2021. [Context Link]

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The editorial team of Advances in Skin & Wound Care would like to thank the following experts who reviewed manuscripts for the journal from August 2020 to July 2021:


Ronal Surya Aditya


Afsaneh Alavi


Johnny Alayon


Margaret Andrews


Alexis Aningalan


Sharon Aronovitch


Muhammad Shahzad Aslam


Beki Asti


Sharon Baranoski


Bruna Barreto Pires


Pelin Basim


JoAnn Beaudoin


Nancy Bergstrom


Christine Berke


Dan Berlowitz


James Birke


Gregory Bohn


Laura Bolton


Mary Brennan


David Brienza


Maureen Bruce


Cezar Buzea


Virginia Capasso


Kathleen Capitulo


Michael Casteel


Laurent Olivier Chabal


Normal Chideckel


Ernest Chiu


Andy Chu


Lindsay Coffman


Windy Cole


Lesley Cooper


Damon Cottrell


Kara Couch


Jill Cox


Alison Crawshaw


Janet Cuddigan


Roberto Cuomo


Victor Czerkasij


Lizanne Dalgleish


George Deitrick


Barbara Delmore


David Dolivo


Neil Donohue


Amr Elbatawy


Mh Busra Fauzi


Kathleen Finlayson


Patrick Fleming


Anika Fourie


Kathleen Francis


Harold Friedman


Michael Fusaro


Diana Gallagher


Shravan Gangula


Susan Garber


Amit Gefen


Sylvia Gonzalez


Laurie Goodman


Sandeep Gopalakrishnan


Scott Gorenstein


Sandra Guzman


Mary Hanley


Michel Hermans


Denise Hibbert


Richard Hill


Susan Horn


Patricia Hotaling


Anthony Iorio


Adam Isaac


Abram Janis


Steven Kavros


Karen Kellogg


Mary Knudtson


Chaitanya Kodange


Rosemary Kohr


Bharat Kotru


Michael Lacqua


Stephan Landis


Diane Langemo


Kimberly LeBlanc


Sarah Lebovits


Bruce Levin


Jeffrey Levine


Brock Liden


John Lindberg


Mary Litchford


Ellen Mackay


Vincent Maida


Kelly McFee


James McGuire


Matthew Melin


Igor Melnychuk


Marie Michel


Mirsad Mujadzic


Nancy Munoz


Rose Murphree


Christine Murphy


Daria Napierkowski


Ann Marie Nie


Jeffrey Niezgoda


Linda Norton


Laurie Parsons


Julia Paul


Guy Peterson


Barbara Pieper


Susan Pinkerton-Steinbach


Mary Ellen Posthauer


Jenny Prentice


Richard Pullen


Judith Pullen


Magdalena Pupiales


Catherine Rogers


Peri Rosenfeld


Valerie Sabol


Richard Salcido


Ernesto Sanchez


Kathleen Schaum


Linda Schiech


Gregory Schultz


Thomas Serena


Sandeep Shukla


Cathryn Sibbald


Mary Sieggreen


Robert Skerker


Hiske Smart


Karen Smith


Ranjani Somayaji


Stephen Sprigle


Sharon Stark


Joyce Stechmiller


Susan Stelton


James Stiehl


Misty Stone


Nancy Stotts


Jill Trelease


Cathleen Van Houten


Marlene Varga


Darryl Werner


Vivian Wong


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Annette Wysocki


Tracey Yap


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