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Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray. Featuring an innovative delivery system, Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray provides an occlusive barrier that repels moisture and acts as an impediment to irritants in urine, feces, and exudate. This product is well-suited for patients with chronic or transient incontinence that puts them at risk for skin breakdown, and for patients showing signs of skin damage. The ability to spray the protective barrier directly on the skin eliminates the need for the caregiver to rub the ointment on at-risk or sensitive skin.


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Medline Industries

SilvaSorb Site. Developed by AcryMed using its patented MicroLattice and silver antimicrobial technologies, SilvaSorb Site dressing is an antimicrobial "skirt" that provides increased protection against infection around catheters, central venous lines, and other indwelling percutaneous devices. Other site dressings may leave gaps that serve as entry areas for infection. SilvaSorb Site dressing wraps snuggly around these devices to eliminate this vulnerability. In addition, the dressing's thin, flexible construction allows it to lie flat against the skin, providing a more secure, more comfortable protection.


SilvaSorb Site is safe for both adult and pediatric patients. It is currently available in 2 sizes: a 1-inch dressing to go around small-diameter devices up to 4 mm, and a 1.75-inch dressing designed to accommodate 5- to 13-mm devices, such as gastric feeding tubes. The product is distributed in the United States exclusively by Medline Industries.


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