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  1. Kim, Heejeong MSN, RN
  2. Lee, Sun-Mi PhD, MPH, RN


Background: Delirium is an important issue related to mortality in patients treated in intensive care units.


Local problem: Although there are guidelines for preventing delirium, its importance may be overlooked compared with the treatment of physical illness.


Methods: A 2-step delirium prevention campaign (DPC) was implemented and its effects compared (before and after the DPC).


Interventions: The DPC comprised the Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit and a checklist for delirium prevention.


Results: Hospital mortality declined after the DPC, but there were no significant changes in the incidence and duration of delirium.


Conclusions: Nurses led the delirium preventive care intervention. Delirium prevention care may be more effective with policy approaches to progress the DPC.