1. Stulbarg, Michael S. MD

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Michael S. Stulbarg, MD, our beloved research colleague, teacher, and friend, passed away after a brief acute illness resulting from a chronic bone marrow disorder on April 18, 2004. Michael received a Humanities degree from MIT in 1964 and MD from Harvard in 1969. After fellowship in pulmonary disease at UC San Diego, he joined the UCSF faculty in 1976. He was a Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCSF and served as Director of the Clinical Pulmonary Service, Chest Faculty Practice, and Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center, and Associate Director of the Sleep Disorders Center. He was President of the California Thoracic Society when he died and always active in the American Thoracic Society. Aware that his life might be shortened, he "lived his life to the fullest" pursuing passionate interests in bridge, fine wine, piano, golf, tennis, skiing, and languages. Michael devoted much of his career to the study and treatment of shortness of breath and cough, two symptoms that had a major impact on his patients' lives. He was an enthusiastic promoter of multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation, a patient advocate with exceptional diagnostic expertise, and a highly regarded teacher of patients, students, and colleagues. We will miss Michael for his wisdom, teaching, ability to listen, and the respect he gave to our work as an interdisciplinary research team.