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Medtronic's (Minneapolis, MN) Restore System, a rechargeable spinal cord stimulator, has been approved for the treatment of complex, chronic pain. It is used to treat pain in the limbs and trunk associated with causes such as unsuccessful disk surgery, degenerative disk disease, failed back syndrome, and postlaminectomy pain.


The Restore System is implanted under the skin. It has electrodes that deliver pulses to the spine, which block pain signals from reaching the brain.


According to Medtronic, it has a faster recharge capability than competing systems. It also gives patients more programming options to better control pain.

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Patients can control when and how much stimulation therapy is delivered by the Restore System with the easy-to-use Patient Programmer feature. This patient-controlled device offers convenience, allowing more freedom from the frequent clinic visits normally associated with device reprogramming. This user-friendly feature allows patients to manage their own pain by providing up to 32 programmable treatment options.


Therapy "group" settings are preprogrammed by a clinician for patients to manage pain for particular activities, pain areas, symptoms, or time of day.


The Restore System's battery lasts up to 9 years and has an indicator alert that tells patients when it needs to be recharged.


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