Data analysis, Data visualization, Government regulation, Nursing administration research, Nursing care management



  1. Haas, Oliver MSc
  2. Hutzler, Michaela BA
  3. Egginger, Thomas H. Dr-med, MBA
  4. Maier, Andreas Prof Dr-Ing habil
  5. Rothgang, Eva Prof Dr-Ing


A German regulation requires nursing managers to document patient-nurse ratios. They have to combine heterogeneous hospital data from different sources. Missing documentation or ratios that are too high lead to sanctions. Automated approaches are needed to accelerate the time-consuming and error-prone documentation process. A documentation and visualization system was implemented. The system allows nursing managers to quickly and automatically create the documentation required by the regulation. Interactive visualization dashboards assist with the analysis of patient and staff numbers. The developed method was effectively used in nursing management tasks. No changes to the information technology infrastructure were needed. The new process is around 35 hours per month faster and less error-prone. The documentation functionality automatically reads the required information and correctly calculates the documentation. The visualization functionality allows nursing managers to assess the current patient-nurse ratios before the documentation is submitted. The method scales to multiple wards and locations. It calculates the sanctions to expect and is easily updatable. The proposed method is expected to decrease nursing administration workloads and facilitate the analysis of nursing management data in a cost-effective way.