1. Sanchez-Romero, Eleuterio A. PhD
  2. Battaglino, Andrea PT
  3. Campanella, William MD
  4. Turroni, Silvia PhD
  5. Bishop, Mark D. PhD
  6. Villafane, Jorge Hugo PhD


The purpose of this brief report was to identify the differences in blood investigations between total hip and knee replacement. We evaluated 80 consecutive patients who underwent hip (40) or knee (40) replacement, by examining pre- and postoperative blood samples. Preoperative blood tests were performed within 30 days prior to surgery, while postoperative blood tests were performed within 24 hours after surgery. We did not find any statistically significant difference between pre- and postoperative hematologic variables between groups (P > .05). Total hip and knee replacement impact patients in early postoperative in a similar way from a systemic point of view.