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  1. Langella, Francesco MD
  2. Boido, Edoardo PT
  3. Basso, Stefano PT
  4. Bassi, Camilla PT
  5. Biber, Zeno MD
  6. Vanni, Daniele MD
  7. Damilano, Marco MD
  8. Berjano, Pedro MD, PhD


Background: The David Spine Concept (DSC) device-based physical therapy for low back pain involves the quantitative assessment of lumbar muscle strength and range of motion. The study aims to determine the effectiveness of the DSC device-based therapy for low back pain.


Methods: In this retrospective observational study, clinical data of 103 patients who underwent DSC device-based physiotherapy were reviewed. Pre- and posttreatment outcome measures for pain and disability were assessed.


Results: Our results showed statistically significant improvement in terms of disability, pain, and functional status after physiotherapy.


Conclusion: The DSC device-based therapy effectively relieved pain, improved function, and reduced disability in patients with low back pain.