1. Lewis, Carole B. PhD, MSG, MPA, PT, GCS, Editor

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Teaching students to appreciate and excel in caring for older persons is one of the most important tasks of the healthcare team. The future of geriatrics depends on it. That is why I was ecstatic to receive this issue of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. This was such an important issue and the coverage of it had to be of the highest quality, and Dr Chesbro did not let me down. Actually, his issue has sent me soaring. The articles contained in this issue are very well done. This issue covers a multitude of aspects of educational interventions in a very creative, integrative, and thought-provoking fashion. I told Steven this issue should be mandatory reading for all healthcare schools. Rehabilitation is dependent on thorough teaching. If we cannot teach and the older person cannot learn, we will be a system of passive interventions. That will not work. As much effort as we put in providing evidence-based insights into the aspects of hands-on and technical care, thus too should we be researching the efficacy of the aspects of educating the older adult.


This issue has a plethora of outstanding articles. The topics range from innovative assessment strategies to behavioral contracting, health promotion, literacy, educating the caregivers, the effects of culture, and aphasia and dementia. Even writing 1 sentence with all these different but extremely relevant topics is exciting. Dr Chesbro has pulled together an exhilarating combination of topics that works to provide a complete framework for structuring a course or segment of a course or update for the practicing clinician on the most important points that must be covered in the area of older adult education.


A giant Bravo and Brava go to all the authors of this issue. I hope others will read it cover to cover and use it in practice and teaching, as I surely will. Thanks to Dr Chesbro and his outstanding authors for their significant contribution to the future of geriatric rehabilitation.


Carole B. Lewis, PhD, MSG, MPA, PT, GCS, Editor