brisk walking, exercise, health promotion, pedometer, sedentary



  1. Williams, Bernadette R. PT, ScD, GCS
  2. Bezner, Janet PT, PhD
  3. Chesbro, Steven B. PT, DPT, EdD, GCS
  4. Leavitt, Ronnie PT, PhD, MPH


This study examined the effect of a behavioral contract on adherence to a walking program in postmenopausal African American women. A convenience sample of 43 postmenopausal African American women was used. Participants were randomly assigned to an experimental or control group. Those in the experimental group signed a behavioral contract. A pedometer, daily log, 7-day physical activity recall, and qualitative analysis were used during a 7-week program. The contract group adhered more to the brisk walking goal (P = .006). A behavioral contract is effective in increasing exercise adherence in postmenopausal African American women.