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chronic disease/therapy, disease management, HIV infection, models, nursing research, quality of life, symptom experience/occurrence/management



  1. Spirig, Rebecca PhD, RN
  2. Moody, Kimberly PhD, RN, ANP
  3. Battegay, Manuel MD
  4. De Geest, Sabina PhD, RN


For people living with HIV, symptoms related to the disease, comorbidities, and treatment side effects make symptom management essential. Poorly managed symptoms result in reduced medication adherence, disease progression, and lower quality of life. The Self-regulatory HIV/AIDS Symptom Management Model is a conceptual model that describes how persons living with HIV/AIDS manage their symptoms. The model links symptom experience, symptom management, social support, adherence, and health-related quality of life. It can assist nurses, through a multidimensional approach to illness management, to enhance symptom assessment, better understand factors influencing symptom experience, and to improve symptom management among people living with HIV/AIDS.