1. Moseley, Marthe J. PhD, RN, CCRN-K, CCNS
  2. Gould, Kathleen Ahem PhD, MSN, RN

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Back in the late 1980s, during graduate school, a few incredible teachers who became mentors encouraged me and spoke words like "when you publish" into my professional life. Dr Mary Lou Sole was one of these women. She always stated that no graduate school project or paper was ever done until it was published. Mary Lou's invitation had me setting such goals and soon after graduation with my master's degree in critical care nursing completed, I would have 3 articles ready for publication. The first manuscript out of the word processor was to DCCN. Mary Lou stated that it was the absolute best journal for new writers.


This began my journey and my relationship with DCCN. Suzanne Hall Johnson was the editor at the time. She "marked up" that manuscript and included many beautiful comments, which were the words that I always remembered. These comments spurred me to on to fix those areas of content that needed work and resubmit the article.


Mary Lou and Suzanne were two amazing leaders who continued to give their gift of time to young novice writers. I was one of them back then, still working at the bedside in a coronary intensive care unit. Because of a relationship with women who invested in me and my career, I grew into not only being a regular author in DCCN, but also one of the consultants and, finally a member of the Editorial Board.


Since then, I have also mentored other young authors and invited colleagues to become consultants. I encouraged them to publish in DCCN because it was the best journal for new writers, so the legacy continues.


The passion to write was instilled back in graduate school. There was purpose in the writing to tell my story, with a unique slant fit for DCCN. And now it is my turn to bless other aspiring nurses to take a place to partner with DCCN, and so I hand-off the baton.


Following a 37-year career in nursing within the VHA, I retired last May. I have had a very blessed vocation. I began when I received a scholarship from VA to finish my last year of nursing school in 1982 from Jamestown College in Jamestown, North Dakota.


My sincere appreciation to all who invest in the novices, spurring us on through your gift of time, helping us become who we are today. My hat off to all of you and your mentorship.


Marthe J. Moseley, PhD, RN, CCRN-K, CCNS


All of us at DCCN would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr Marthe Moseley for her years of service as an author, reviewer, and member of our editorial board. We will miss her expertise and thoughtful advice as she begins a new life phase and enjoys a well-earned retirement!


Kathy Ahern Gould, PhD, RN


Editor-in-Chief, DCCN