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  1. Shang, Xingchen MSN
  2. Gu, Fangchen BSN
  3. Bian, Qiugui MSN
  4. Wang, Meifeng BSN
  5. Lin, Zheng MSN


This prospective parallel-group controlled trial explored the effects of a written expression-based positive psychological intervention on the psychological status of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Primary outcomes were anxiety, depression, hope, optimism, and subjective well-being, assessed at 8 weeks. Secondary outcomes were coping mode, quality of life at 8 weeks, and patient feedback. Sixty-eight volunteer patients meeting inclusion criteria were recruited from a hospital in China and randomized into the intervention group (positive psychological intervention+care as usual = 33) and the control group (care as usual = 35). The intervention group showed significantly greater improvements in anxiety, depression, hope, and quality of life (p > .05). The intervention group scored the feasibility, simplicity, and applicability of the positive psychological intervention themes at more than 6.5 for all measures. The study concludes that written expression-based positive psychological interventions alleviate negative emotions in inflammatory bowel disease patients and enhance their positive psychological characteristics. This approach also promotes a positive coping mode in inflammatory bowel disease patients, and the intervention measures devised are convenient, feasible, and well-accepted by patients.