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Bullying, New Nurse Graduates, Stress in Nursing, Transition Shock



  1. Feeg, Veronica D.
  2. Mancino, Diane J.
  3. Kret, Diane D.


AIM: The purpose of this study was to have a better understanding of the experiences of new nurse graduates in their work environment and the perceived stressors during their transition into the role of registered nurse.


BACKGROUND: The National Student Nurses' Association conducts an annual survey of all its members who are new graduates in the months following graduation.


METHOD: The study used a qualitative design on a sample of 1,456 responses. Participants provided typed-in responses. Responses were sorted and coded using constant comparison method. Three independent judges aggregated interpretations through consensus.


RESULTS: The themes that emerged were related to respondents' attempts to find balance and reflected the stress of the environment, expectations on self, and interactions with others that affected them.


CONCLUSION: New graduates describe their transitions to the role of new nurse in words that suggest that their workplace environments are extremely stressful.