1. Bolton, Linda Burnes DrPH, RN, FAAN

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Ms Williams' remarks are very familiar and represent a challenge to nurse executives and academicians. We have a responsibility to our patients, staff, and the profession to promote nursing research as the basis for practice and performance improvement. I encourage Ms Williams to speak with her faculty members and chief nursing executive about opportunities to engage in collaborative research at her institution. The success of the project described in the May 2005 edition of the Journal of Nursing Administration was based on a long-standing program of interdisciplinary research and years of working with staff and faculty. Our first nursing research project was a Delphi study conducted by the author in collaboration with the University of California, School of Nursing in 1980. Twenty years later, we are still going. Make an appointment with your chief nursing officer and get started!


Linda Burnes Bolton DrPH, RN, FAAN


Vice President, Nursing and


Chief Nursing Executive


Cedars-Sinai Health System


Los Angeles